How Fast Can I get My Order?

If you need side art or a CPO or Kick plate we can get your order printed and laminated and sent out in a few days. The only items taking longer is plexi or acrylic marquees or bezels. The process takes time to get it right and ensure a perfect fit.

Super Fast Shipping about a day:

  • Side Art 
  • CPO
  • Translite Marquees
  • Instruction Decals
  • Bartop Kits


Faster than Competitors but about a week or so:

  • Acrylic Bezel
  • Acrylic Marquee
  • Custom Designs


If you need something fast, don't order it with an acrylic part. order is separate. Plexi is shipped by itself flat anyways and we'll help out on Shipping by giving you a refund of some sorts.

Keep in mind, we're not Amazon. We're a small operation serving the collector community. We always do our best to get your orders out quickly and accurately.