About us

Who the hell do they think they are?


Me in 1986 with Defender and us now, making Defender Side Art

We're a graphics company that's been around since 1993 making high quality graphics at an affordable price for all of the Midwest. We're known for having the\ highest quality art and the best vinyl. Only printing on 3M vinyl and protecting each print with 3M laminate. 


We have (2) 60" Latex Printers and a 63" Laminator 

We're located just east of Cleveland and during the winter months, we always got really slow. So, we said what can we do to keep busy? We love Graphics. We're Arcade games fans. Then CLICK! BOOM!

There's a ton of low-quality arcade printers out there making terribly cheap vinyl reproductions out of junk vinyl so beware. Only a couple of real quality manufacturers of old school arcade graphics are out here and a few will have you waiting anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 years for print.


We recreate arcade art using scans of New Old Stock art and painstakingly redraw the art and color match it to ensure the closest match to the original art.


Keep in mind. You get what you pay for. Feel safer knowing it will last many years. Plus, when you put so much work and sweat and tears into the a restoration, it should have the high end vinyl..


  We only print on 3M vinyl.. We laminate our prints with 3M Over Laminate. It's the best. Period.


If you are not 100% Satisfied with your purchase, We'll send you a complete refund.

We PMS Color-match all our items to NOS


Retro Arcade Graphics as well as Multicade Mame custom graphics from Bezels, Side Art Sets, CPOs, Marquees, Bartop Graphics, Instruction Cards, Kick Plates to wall art for your Game Room or Man Cave.

At Escape Pod we pride ourselves on high quality arcade graphics and the fastest shipping in the business! If you don't see an item listed here, Contact Us, we might have it or We will make it Custom for you. We stand behind our products and Guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with it or we'll give you your money back. Just Return your item for a full refund.


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