Custom Graphics for Bartop and Full size arcade machines

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Custom Graphics for Bartop and Full size arcade machines

Are custom arcade graphics worth it? We get asked a lot and the answer is YES! If you build it, they will come. The machine you build and solicit to the lowest common denominator without custom graphics is worth about $400 increase the value of your custom built arcade machine with graphics and what that price triple. The audience for these games is out there.

We sell a lot of kits for multicade builds and the Gen X'rs are begging for something that looks as good as it plays. They don't want to put a blank, boring cab in their man cave. These generations are finally getting some extra bucks in the bank and they want to spend it on high-end games that remind them of the old school arcades they hung at as teens. We can customize a kit your customer's likes.

These kits will command big money when you turn-over these games. Here are some pics:



Does custom arcade prints and decals increase your machine asking price? 100% Positively YES! Can we do custom prints for arcade games? Absolutely.