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Restoring arcade graphics is a long arduous journey but well worth it. We are always looking for scans or original art to scan and recreate. If you have an arcade piece we don't have, Contact Us and we'll tell you how to get your scan or art to us. We have a large flat bed scanner for side art, Control panel overlays and translites (marquess and bezels are too thick to be run through) a hand scanner and a smaller table top scanner.   After the scans, it's time to trace the image in order to create a vector image...

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Nothing makes an arcade machine look better than a new arcade graphics kit. Complete restoration kits made to fit a dedicated cab. The kit includes side art for both sides, plexi marquee, plexi bezel, kick plate and CPO. This is the ultimate solution for restoring that classic arcade machine back to its original glory! It's important to note that if you're buying new art for your game, buy it all from the same place. That way, all the colors will match. If you buy the side art from one place and the bezel from another, your blues will be be...

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We get a lot of questions on how to apply a vinyl bezel decal to plexi, here's an easy "how to" video for you. Our bezels come in 3 different styles 1) card stock 2) vinyl adhesive backed or 3) applied to clear acrylic We reverse print the bezel on clear 3M vinyl, back it with white vinyl, digitally die cut it and then apply it to a custom cut piece of .117 (1/8") clear acrylic and then apply iy to the back side.

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It all starts with a scan or a decent photo that is straight-on. We load the pic into a tracing program like Adobe Draw on the iPad and begin tracing each line and coloring the pieces as we go.   Screen shots above - in process pic below: Here is an isolated pic of the new drawing without the background image. After the hand drawn lines are complete, we load it into Illustrator to make perfectly straight lines (like the rainbows and stars). Loads of layers and colors combine to make the final piece. When the file is complete, we...

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