Arcade Art - Restoring the classics from original art

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Arcade Art - Restoring the classics from original art

Restoring arcade graphics is a long arduous journey but well worth it. We are always looking for scans or original art to scan and recreate. If you have an arcade piece we don't have, Contact Us and we'll tell you how to get your scan or art to us. We have a large flat bed scanner for side art, Control panel overlays and translites (marquess and bezels are too thick to be run through) a hand scanner and a smaller table top scanner.


After the scans, it's time to trace the image in order to create a vector image file. A vector file is crucial to color match. What can be hand traced with ipad and stylist pen is then transferred to Illustrator to recreate text and straight lines.

After the hand drawn lines are complete, we load it into Illustrator to make perfectly straight lines (like the rainbows and stars) in the above Arm Wrestling side art.

Rastan marquee art    

Color Matching - Once you retrace the art, you have to color it to match the original colors and sometimes taking into account the original you have may be discolored from cigarette smoke, sun etc... We print a color chart that we use to match the colors. CMYK, RGB, then exporting it as a jpeg or PDF to lock in the best colors consistently.

Here is a side-by-side picture of the Slither Bezel reproduction we created on the left and the original on the right.

We have great customers who want to see these pieces recreated to perfection and they send us art from their personal collection. We take great care with these items and when someone sends us a piece, we make sure they get a discounted reproduction.

If you'd like to learn more about restoring arcade art or if you have a scan or art you'd like us to scan Contact Us today.