Arcade Restoration - The Best Arcade Art for Restoring Classic Machines

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Arcade Restoration - The Best Arcade Art for Restoring Classic Machines

The most rewarding part of bringing an old arcade back to life (other than firing it up and playing it) is when the your game is prepped and ready to install new artwork.   

A lot of prep goes into getting a cab or cpo ready for art. it's a blank canvas that needs filled with love and bondo first so that control panels that look like swiss cheese can be filled and turn out like these before and after restoration pictures.



 Once you've labored sanding and priming the side, it's time to lay down some fresh arcade side art. You'll want the best so make sure you get the highest quality prints on the best 3M film and always make certain that film is laminated, I can't stress this enough. Without lam, the colors can scratch off.

Lie the machine down on it's side and apply the art letting gravity help.


Start in the middle and work your way out with a felt squeegee, overlapping your strokes.


This was a custom Pink Ms Pac-Man we made. No original side art was hurt during this process. The original stencils are safe underneath.

Escape Pod has complete kits to restore your beaten game to it's original glory. They take all the guesswork out of it and you get everything you need to make your game look like new again. Kits include; side art and kick plate, plexi bezel and plexi marquees and a new CPO. Everything color matched and perfectly measured to fit your game.

Pro Tip - Always buy all of your art from the same place. All printers are calibrated differently and you want to make sure all the colors on your game match.

and now for some obligatory before and after arcade restoration photos. If you have pics of your arcade repair and rebirth you'd like to share, please email us.