Should I buy a Translite or Plexi Marquee?

Should I buy a Translite or Plexi Marquee?

What's the difference between a plexi glass marquee and a translite marquee?

Simple: a plexi version is a super-easy plug and play option. The product comes shipped to you and all you have to do is pop out 2-3 screws and pop it in. No fuss. Here's what Plexi-Glass Marquees look like:

plexi  plexi

Plex marquees are solid, Not flimsy. The graphic is printed on the back of the marquee and looks great lit or not lit.

Translites are made from polyester flexible film. They will need to be taped or sandwiched with a clear piece of acrylic (plexi) So, if you don't have a piece of clear plastic ready to go in front of the translite, buy the other version. Yes, it's cheaper than a plexi marquee but you'll need the plexi anyways. You can get a piece cut at Home Depot.

Translite Pic:

Translite sample

 Translites look great with ether an LED light or old school 45 watt bulb. The film we print on absorbs the ink nicely and evenly for a rich matte look.