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The creation of a 16' Arcade 1Up Game for E3

We can finally talk about the huge project we were part of with Arcade 1Up and Arcade86 for E3 in Los Angeles, CA. The massive 16' (2 story) game is being unveiled today at the Expo and it's incredible. 


Escape Pod was asked by Arcade 1Up to print all the parts of the giant game that is over 8' wide and 16' tall. The bezel is a massive 6.5' square and the marquee is 2' high x 6 and a half feet wide! It's a site to behold.

You got to walk up 8 steps, just to get play it.


Here's some size comps of the ginormous 6" buttons & joystick.

It all started with some plans from Vincent and some design work by Mike.

on the computer screen                                                                  onto the table

Some before pics taken at Arcade 86 before paint and decals were applied.


The finished game is a sight to behold. Good luck gamers!

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