ARTCADE Book Of Classic Arcade Game Art - Escape Pod Interview

So happy to have been a part of this book. You can pick up a copy on Amazon now. 

It is definitely worth picking up a copy, not just because of the interview with Dan but because of over 300 pages of full color arcade art pictures and a tutorial on how to scan and recreate artwork written by Escape Pod, the leaders in arcade art preservation.

Want to learn how to scan and recreate artwork long gone? There's a chapter in this book that takes you step-by-step the process of scanning, cleaning up, vectorizing, photo-shopping and color correcting arcade art for printing.

The book also includes a rare interview by Dan from Escape Pod where he discusses his personal collection and how he got into restoring art for these classic games.

This is the perfect book for any child of the eighties who grew up playing these arcade classics.The book is so professionally crafted by Bitmap Books with such care taken to bring these titles to life.