Centipede Arcade - A Miniature take on an arcade classic

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Centipede Arcade - A Miniature take on an arcade classic

We’re happy to announce that Escape Pod has partnered with New Wave Toys to bring you the most accurate replication of a fully playable miniature arcade cabinet, officially licensed by Atari.

Get yours by heading to their Kickstarter Page now:

We are very honored to be working with Atari to bring this classic game back to homes everywhere.

The game is 1/6 scale and is the actual shape of the full size Centipede arcade cab.

Did you know that Centipede was invented by a woman? Dona Bailey who, along with Ed Logg in 1981, created the arcade video game Centipede.[1][2]

As a young programmer Bailey was hired by General Motors and trained in assembly language programming. She worked there for two years on displays,[3] and microprocessor-based cruise control systems.[4] She became interested in Space Invaders and the world of arcade games, another application of the work she was doing at GM.[3] She found out that Atari was using the same microprocessor in its games.[2]

In 1980, Bailey joined Atari's coin-op division, where she was the only woman.[4] In an interview Bailey recalled that Atari had a notebook of possible game ideas at the time. Of the 30 or so entries the only one without "lasering or frying things" was a short description of a bug winding down the screen. "[I]t didn't seem bad to shoot a bug".[5]

centipede art kit

Centipede does have some of the best art Atari ever made with the exception being Tempest.

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