Ms Pac-Man Restoration - Side Art/ Cabinet Options

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Ms Pac-Man Restoration - Side Art/ Cabinet Options

After you've found your game and finished any body work and primed it, it's time to talk about the graphics kit for your game. Let's look at Ms Pac-Man, a very common game to restore. Seems like it'd be easy to move onto the next step but you'd be wrong. You have decisions to make about what style of art you'd like to apply to your arcade game.

You have 5 options for your art:

1) Stencils - Ths is the way they came off the production floor, painted with stencils. Stencils are tough and may take several weeks but die hard collectors will spend the time to do it the way it was done in 1981.

2) Version 1 Decals - Standard set of art that looks like most of the Ms Pacs made and way easier than stencils.

3) Version 2 Decals - Towards the end of Ms Pac manufacturing, they went to decals and printed it on white vinyl. This art set has some of the white of the vinyl showing through.


4) Custom Pink - Here is a custom monochrome pink kit that can turn your regular cab into the talk of the town.


5) Don't do anything - Just enjoy the game and all it's glory. I love when a machine is worn down and the paint rubbed off on the sides where people have been hanging on for dear life for almost 40 years.

Grab some Ms Pac merchandise instead, like a candy tin or poster or some car stickers


**Bonus Option - You can turn your Ms Pac-Man cab into a different game on the outside all together. Ms Pac cabs are almost identical to other Bally/Midway games like; Galaga, Pac-Man, Galaxian, etc... Burgertime is different but you do have choices.