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The most rewarding part of bringing an old arcade back to life (other than firing it up and playing it) is when the your game is prepped and ready to install new artwork.    A lot of prep goes into getting a cab or cpo ready for art. it's a blank canvas that needs filled with love and bondo first so that control panels that look like swiss cheese can be filled and turn out like these before and after restoration pictures.      Once you've labored sanding and priming the side, it's time to lay down some fresh arcade...

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Atari New Wave Toys Escape Pod, Centipede Arcade, Centipede Miniature Arcade -

We’re happy to announce that Escape Pod has partnered with New Wave Toys to bring you the most accurate replication of a fully playable miniature arcade cabinet, officially licensed by Atari. Get yours by heading to their Kickstarter Page now: We are very honored to be working with Atari to bring this classic game back to homes everywhere. The game is 1/6 scale and is the actual shape of the full size Centipede arcade cab. Did you know that Centipede was invented by a woman? Dona Bailey who, along with Ed Logg in 1981, created the arcade video game...

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Award Winning Arcade Graphics, custom super mario bros kit -

Arcade Graphics Re-Imagined for a Nintendo classic

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When you build a game from scratch from cnc plans or finding an old beaten up cab on your local Craigslist you need a couple things. Well, more then a couple things but let's concentrate on matching boards with killer artwork. 1) 60 in 1 Board from Mike's or High Score Saves you need art to go with it. A lot of multi art has characters on the art that aren't even in the board. Choose one of these that feature all the correct characters from a 60 in 1 pcb or 19 in Board - Horizontal Game Board Featuring...

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What to do, what to do? You have an old arcade game, beaten up and weathered and you'd like to restore this fine piece of your childhood. The great thing is, you have options today you didn't have a decade ago. Stencils are a great way to keep it classic and original but they can also be a hassle. You need a lot of time and a lot of space. You need time for each layer to dry before adding the next color layer.     Decals are not original but do offer a simple, quick and easy solution for...

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