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60in1 boards, arcade classics side art, Multi Game Jamma PCB, multi taito, multi williams board, multicade art, multicade side art -

When you build a game from scratch from cnc plans or finding an old beaten up cab on your local Craigslist you need a couple things. Well, more then a couple things but let's concentrate on matching boards with killer artwork. 1) 60 in 1 Board from Mike's or High Score Saves you need art to go with it. A lot of multi art has characters on the art that aren't even in the board. Choose one of these that feature all the correct characters from a 60 in 1 pcb or 19 in Board - Horizontal Game Board Featuring...

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arcade restoration, arcade stencils -

What to do, what to do? You have an old arcade game, beaten up and weathered and you'd like to restore this fine piece of your childhood. The great thing is, you have options today you didn't have a decade ago. Stencils are a great way to keep it classic and original but they can also be a hassle. You need a lot of time and a lot of space. You need time for each layer to dry before adding the next color layer.     Decals are not original but do offer a simple, quick and easy solution for...

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arcade art, arcade graphics, arcade restoration -

Restoring arcade graphics is a long arduous journey but well worth it. We are always looking for scans or original art to scan and recreate. If you have an arcade piece we don't have, Contact Us and we'll tell you how to get your scan or art to us. We have a large flat bed scanner for side art, Control panel overlays and translites (marquess and bezels are too thick to be run through) a hand scanner and a smaller table top scanner.   After the scans, it's time to trace the image in order to create a vector image...

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Arcade Complete Restoration Kit, Arcade Graphics, arcade kit -

Nothing makes an arcade machine look better than a new arcade graphics kit. Complete restoration kits made to fit a dedicated cab. The kit includes side art for both sides, plexi marquee, plexi bezel, kick plate and CPO. This is the ultimate solution for restoring that classic arcade machine back to its original glory! It's important to note that if you're buying new art for your game, buy it all from the same place. That way, all the colors will match. If you buy the side art from one place and the bezel from another, your blues will be be...

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arcade collector gift guide, arcade collector list of gifts, retrogamer gift guide -

It's tough to buy for a hobbyist or a collector in the family... You never know what machine they're working on or what they need for which game...Gifts for Gamers. RetroGaming and how to buy for them. So when you're not 100% sure, here's some holiday shopping ideas for you. Top 10 List of Gifts to Buy a Gamer - RetroGamer - Arcade Collector Gift Card - You can never go wrong with a Gift card and they come in several different denominations Game Room/Man Cave Street Sign - 18"x6" Green Engineer Grade Prismatic (EGP) Reflective Sign (just like the...

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