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Custom Arcade Art, Custom Arcade Decals Stickers, Custom Arcade Graphics, Custom Bartop Arcade Decals, Custom Bartop Art -

Are custom arcade graphics worth it? We get asked a lot and the answer is YES! If you build it, they will come. The machine you build and solicit to the lowest common denominator

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Star Castle Arcade, Star Castle Arcade Game, Star Castle Graphics Kit -

Star Castle CPO, Side Art and Marquee now available. Side Decals color matched to NOS and die cut to perfection. Marquee comes on translite or plexi and CPO is Reverse Printed on 1/8" acrylic plex just like the originals. With all buttons holes precut! This is the only Star Castle CPO reproduction available, anywhere!

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We get a lot of questions on how to best apply arcade graphics. Should I apply them wet? Should I lay the machine down on it's side? What's the best vinyl? What tools do I need? So, we made a simple "How To Tutorial" complete with simple words in small sentences and lots of easy-to-follow-pics. 1. CLEAN: Wipe clean the arcade surface you are applying the decal to with rubbing alcohol. Allow to dry.    SLXLM​​ 2. ALIGN:   Set the graphic in place where you want it. hold in place with small pieces of masking tape.Make sure it’s centered perfectly. Use...

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